miércoles, 8 de diciembre de 2010

Education and values

In our country there are some laws about education that have been established with the purpose of creating values in every people who study. But despite of that, they do not talk about how to teach them in schools and how to get a quality education. So what is the cause of our poor and low education system? Why students are not applying the values? Why teachers are not teaching them in order to stay in student’s mains and hearts?
Children are like sponges, they absorb (do) everything they see on tv, hear from their parents, other kids and teachers. That’s why it’s really important to include in every school a program about values, where children can learn how to put the in practice in different situations.
Puebla is one of the first states that started to include values at schools. Now at days not only private schools have classes and a specific teacher of civic and ethics, also public schools are developing programs and forums where students and teachers talk about how live the values.
There’s not a unique hierarchy of values, every person decide which values are the most important according to their principles and background. Children though, still need to get orientation about this. The author mentions a hierarchy of values according to the different school levels, kinder, elementary school, junior high and high school. It is very practical; the values start from those ones that are concrete to the abstract and complex ones.
In order that schools, families ad society in general educate children with a strong conviction that cheating, disobedience or laziness are not ways to get the success, but on the contrary, to take care of others, do a good effort and be responsible, happy and dedicated it is the best way to be an integrity and moral person.

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