miércoles, 8 de diciembre de 2010

Different ways of teaching values

1. Teaching values through pronouncements, rules and warnings
This happens most of the times. Children are used to be scolded by adults, or they only heard suggestions or beliefs with no foundation.
2. Teaching values through examples and models
Children see a person who does something impressive and they want to imitate it. By a good example a teacher can tell the child “This is how I want you to be”.
3. Teaching values through stories and lessons
These talk about particular values. They teach how the main character does the right or the wrong thing in a specific situation. They also involve culture, time and beliefs.
4. Teaching values through examining personal actions of self and others
Get the students to look into their own lives. In order to do it the teacher can start sharing something about him. Doing this, the students will feel motivated to do the same.
5. Teaching values through problem solving.
The teacher comes out with dilemmas or conflicts and asks the students to make a judgment and explain it.

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